TDC Thermo Dry Celliant Technology

An Xcel exclusive, TDC Thermo Dry Celliant® is our warmest wetsuit lining ever, and the first - and only - wetsuit material featuring clinically proven Smart Fiber Technology.

TDC is a responsive textile that actively works with you. From the instant you put it on, TDC transforms your body into a renewable source of warmth and improves your ability to achieve peak athletic performance.

"Xcel has been a product driven brand since we hand-made our first wetsuit in 1982. TDC represents a huge leap forward in our continued commitment to designing wetsuits as complete systems that use proven technologies to deliver real-world benefits.” – Lance Varon, Xcel Design Director


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What Is TDC?

TDC (Thermo Dry Celliant) is an inner lining exclusive to Xcel wetsuits and accessories. Rigorously tested in and out of the water, it is our warmest wetsuit lining ever in over 30 years of product development.

TDC is a responsive textile activated by your body heat. Its mineral-enhanced smart fibres recycle that body heat into beneficial infrared energy. This infrared energy provides a huge boost in warmth and delivers a wide range of overall performance benefits.

"With many strong products in the marketplace today, Xcel set out to deliver a technically superior innovation that would stand out from alternatives – and that could, most importantly, be scientifically proven to perform. Careful R&D led us to Celliant, an established and proven technology yet one that has never been seen before in wetsuits.”

“After partnering with Celliant, we then needed to determine whether TDC would be effective in the water. We conducted rigorous tests in both controlled environments and real-world surf sessions.”

“The results of TDC’s extensive testing far exceeded our expectations. Compared to other materials, we can literally see and measure the significant increase in warmth. And the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the many product testers (who weren’t told they would be wearing TDC) definitely reinforced our scientific conclusions.” – Lance Varon

How Does TDC Work?

TDC is driven by Celliant’s patented, proprietary mineral blend embedded into the cores of TDC's smart fibres. These minerals are naturally occurring and thermo-reactive (heat activated). They have been carefully selected for their ability to convert body heat into infrared energy, and to then redirect that energy back into your skin and muscle.

TDC begins to work from the instant it is worn against your skin. It does not require a minimum body heat or baseline activity level to be activated, and it remains continuously effective over time.

Infrared energy is known to have many positive effects on the body.

“TDC’s infrared energy is a medically proven vasodilator. This means that it improves circulation and increases tissue oxygen (TCPO2) levels, which in turn are proven to increase warmth and stamina, fend off fatigue, and quicken recovery times in everyone from non-athletes to professionals alike.”

“The cold air and/or water conditions that necessitate a wetsuit are the same conditions in which you’ll benefit from improved circulation and greater tissue oxygen. So for surfers and divers, this means quick and easy access to these performance benefits, simply by putting on their wetsuit.” – David Horinek, Celliant Inventor

What are the Benefits of TDC?

TDC’s key benefit is its unparalleled warmth. It also delivers greater endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall athletic performance.

TDC is also a lightweight, all-way stretch material, with an exceptionally quick drying time thanks to the naturally hydrophobic (water repellent) properties of its mineral-enhanced smart fibres.

“Because TDC is so versatile, we now have the potential to develop products that use less foam and are even more lightweight, while still delivering unparalleled warmth and built-in hydrophobic properties. It’s a truly revolutionary breakthrough with exciting future applications.” – Lance Varon

How Is TDC Made?

TDC’s unique manufacturing process begins with Celliant's proprietary mineral blend being ground into fine particles that are 100 times thinner than a human hair. This powder is then processed into masterbatch (resin) and embedded into the cores of staple fibres. Finally, these fibres are spun into Celliant yarn to create the final TDC smart fibre lining.

Because TDC’s active ingredients (Celliant minerals) are embedded into the smart fibre cores, TDC technology will never wear off or wash out, so its benefits last for the lifetime of your wetsuit.

Where Can I Find TDC?

TDC is available in select Xcel surf and dive fullsuits and accessories.

To maximize effectiveness, TDC is available in two different piles.

TDC High Pile: A plush high pile for maximizing core warmth. In surf fullsuits, this is an orange wave print. In dive fullsuits, this is a white/red diamond print.

TDC Low Pile: A lighter weight low pile, always in an infrared print, for the ideal balance of warmth and flexibility.

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Does My TDC Product Require Special Care?

No, TDC does not require any special attention. Like all Xcel wetsuits, you can help maximize natural product life by treating your wetsuit with care.

How Do I Know TDC Is Working?

A variety of Xcel TDC fullsuits – from 3/2mm to hooded 5/4mm – were sent out into some of the most extreme conditions. The overwhelming consensus was a noticeably warmer overall surf, being comfortable staying out longer (even while wearing thinner than usual boots or gloves), and less cramping due to cold.

As with any wetsuit, your individual experience and comfort level will vary based on personal preferences and environmental conditions.

In addition to in-the-water trials by Xcel’s athletes and R&D teams, TDC was also shown to increase tissue oxygen levels by an average of 13% – nearly twice the average required to be certified as an effective Celliant® application.

Celliant’s effectiveness has also been demonstrated in numerous independent clinical studies and third-party clinical trials.

Where Can I Learn More About Celliant?

Xcel is proud to partner with Celliant and to bring this groundbreaking TDC technology to market in an exciting alliance of our wetsuit expertise and Celliant’s proven science. To learn more about Celliant, please visit celliant.com.