Drylock X Series

The Drylock X - it's Xcel's most advanced and warmest series yet.

For 2018, The Drylock series was rebuilt from inside out. It is the warmest, yet lightest, and most flexible design to date.

Starting with the interior lining, it now has two variations of Xcel’s newest Celliant Black formula. We took our current TDC (Thermo Dry Celliant) technology, which has now been validated by the FDA and added a powerful new mineral that enhances the retention of warmth generated by the body.

This new fiber is delivered in two different Jacquard weaves throughout the suit. The Red Celliant Black textile delivers high pile Jacquard through the sleeves and lower body, while the Black/White Celliant Black textile in the core has a higher hollow fiber content.

The new Nanoprene in the Drylock series is a Japanese limestone based chloroprene, which is the foam between the exterior and interior textiles. This neoprene is much more eco-friendly than petroleum-based foams.

Nanoprene is a denser, more elastic neoprene than previous generations, which delivers maximum warmth while maintaining a higher elasticity and rebound.

The new design of the upper body allows more Celliant Black through the upper sleeve area, added with the lower body equates to over 90 per cent coverage of the all-new Celliant Black.

The Drylock series also features our magnetic self-closure, Drylock wrist seals, engineered fit system, curved seam details, Nexskin ankle seals, back knee flex grooves, and proud to announce our new eco-friendly Dope Dye. We put everything we have into this series; it’s the top shelf series for the customer who doesn’t want to compromise a feature.

The Drylock X offers 4 unique points of difference over the Drylock

  • Celliant Black (Black/White Jacquard) covering more of the core body; this textile has higher hollow fiber content.
  • The Drylock X offers a Japanese YKK 100 per cent waterproof zipper.
  • Power seam technology (stitch free) allows for watertight seams, without stitching through any materials.
  • Drylock X comes with our new super supple quick-dry exterior that reduces overall weight when submerged for long periods of time.

Xcel Drylock X Series Wetsuits

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